Stephen Miranda

Product Designer & UX Strategist

True Spirit

Buying a school uniform made so easy, everyone in the galaxy can do it.

True Spirit is a fictitious, online, school uniform retailer. Unlike Lands End and True Grits, True Spirit encourages parents and students to express their tastes. In this project my challenge was to create a desktop e-Commerce experience that was delightful, swift, and engaging. 

I made it so stress-free and fun that parents on Earth, Dagobah, and galaxies far far away can easily outfit their children.   


To create wireframes of desktop e-Commerce experience that is easy and fast for shoppers.


Stephen Miranda

Personal Roles:

Product Strategy, Competitive/Comparative Analysis, User Interviews, Persona Creation, Information Architecture, UI Design, Wireframing, Low-fidelity Prototype Creation, and Pitching.


Balsamiq, Excel, Illustrator, Invision


A project case study presentation, a navigation schema, and a low-fidelity, interactive prototype.

Project Lifecycle:

2 weeks, June 2014


4 mothers of school-age children were interviewed to gather qualitative data regarding their uniform shopping habits. This analysis yielded critical data pertaining to impediments and pain points in their current shopping methods. These data points were translated using a design studio to create the MVP and develop a humorous pitch based on Star Wars. 



The Information Architecture, Site Map, and UI were created in 2 iterations using Adobe Illustrator. A low-fidelity interactive prototype was created with Balsamiq. The ask was achieved in the wireframes below—which outline the user flow of a parent purchasing a student a uniform.

Born in New York, Made in LA