Stephen Miranda

UX Design Leader & Product Strategist

colAR by Puteko Ltd.

colAR by Puteko brings your childhood into the 21st century.

colAR Mix is an augmented reality app by Puteko. It pairs the whimsical act of coloring with very cutting edge 3D technology. Their goal is to bring 2D images to life for children of all ages. Their problem is that

For this project my team was challenged with designing a content marketplace, building a community, redesigning the augmented reality "player," and generally improving the overall product experience. 

Our solution is to create an app with iTunes' ease of use and Youtube's soul. 


To increase colAR's adoption by creating an easy to use marketplace and viewer.


Dianne ChenCrystal Jackson, Stephen Miranda

Personal Roles:

Product Strategy, Competitive/Comparative Analysis, User Research Scripting, User Testing, Persona Creation, Information Architecture, Wireframing, Low-fidelity and High-fidelity Prototype Creation, and Pitching.


Balsamiq, Excel, Illustrator, Invision


A project case study presentation, design specifications, and a high-fidelity interactive prototype.

Project Lifecycle:

2 weeks, August 2014


My team created a competitive/comparative analysis to understand the user behavior and market positioning of colAR in relation to their competitors. We then shifted to focus on popular content marketplaces and game apps for children.

Our initial user tests quickly yielded that children aged 7 and up have a very sophisticated set of expectations for apps, games, and content—far more sophisticated than even the client expected. We also learned that coloring is an activity of last resort, most commonly done only at school.

We quickly determined the MVP is to make the app platform and content education-specific—effectively focusing our user base to teachers and parents of 3 - 5 year old children.


Our wireframes focused on the user flow starting and concluding with the marketplace. Along the way the user selects, previews, and prints content, then views the content which triggers a very whimsical transformation.

Made in New York, Design in LA