Stephen Miranda

UX Design Leader & Product Strategist


I didn't know Alex Huitink before this project. When it was done, I gave him Chedda.

My challenge was to create a native, mobile app for a person I just met.

My solution was to set him against the ones he loves in a friendly competition. Chedda is an app that takes the drudgery out of saving money. It makes thriftiness a competitive, social sport. Created for Alex Huitink, it is intended to make responsibility fun and engaging.


Stephen Miranda


To create native mobile app that would meet my primary user's needs.


A project case study presentation, user interview documentation, storyboards, a concept map, and a low-fidelity, interactive prototype.

Personal Roles:

Product Strategy, User Interview, Storyboarding, Concept Mapping, Information Architecture, Wireframing, UI Design, Low-fidelity Prototype Creation, and Pitching.

Project Lifecycle:

1 week, June 2014


I never met a man more noble, decent, and honest than Alex Huitink. Within a few hours of interviewing him, I ascertained that Alex is in a bit of a financial bind and needs something to incentivize him to save money. Among many things, Alex is competitive, so accessing his inherently social and competitive nature was critical to my solution. I created Chedda. 


Chedda is powered by a highly engaging "money stack" gesture. Every time the user saves money, they engage in money stacking - or chedda stacking - with their phone screen. Their results are communicated via Facebook and Twitter. Users can engage in competitive saving while broadcasting results to their preferred social networks.

Made in New York, Design in LA