Stephen Miranda

UX Design Leader & Product Strategist

Product design is truth seeking

As a Product Designer I wear every hat. I'm an ethnographer, information architect, story-teller, comedian, facilitator, interface designer, and draftsman. But most of all, I'm a seeker of the truth.

What are users' honest, observable behaviors? How are these behaviors driven by real motivations? Focusing on the truth assures that I can create valuable and desirable experiences.  

My practice relies on leveraging business intelligence data and gathering user insights to inspire creative, empathetic teams. I am as comfortable in user interviews as I am wireframing; a deft collaborator with a reputation for relentless user advocacy and consensus-building. My goal is to enrich our lives, one interaction at a time.

Motherf***er draws like Frank Miller...
— Kobe Bryant

Made in New York, Design in LA